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Offering a wide array of flooring services, Woodside Hardwood Flooring Inc. has been the top choice among hardwood flooring service providers in New York and New Jersey since 1999.

Serving all five boroughs of New York, you can expect high quality hardwood flooring service and more from Woodside Hardwood Flooring Inc. And not only that, clients from New Jersey also commend the hardwood flooring services of Woodside Hardwood Flooring Inc., especially when their requests include exotic woods, installation of inlays and refinishing flooring services.

For 33 years, Woodside Hardwood Flooring Inc. has never failed a single customer with their top-notch wood flooring installers and workers. The long experience of Woodside in providing wood flooring services is one of the reasons why it is chosen by clients from all over New York.

Full Range of Services

Why settle for a company that can only provide floor installations and nothing more? Woodside Hardwood Flooring Inc. can provide high quality wood flooring installation and replacement, as well as floor installations involving exotic woods and custom designs. In addition, Woodside Hardwood Flooring Inc. provides a wide array of finishes to choose from. Whether you like your floor to showcase the highly durable water-based finish, or the traditional oil-based finish, Woodside Hardwood Flooring can do the job.

Hardwood Maintenance

Working on your wood flooring doesn’t stop at its installation – you need to know how to maintain its beauty to retain the “ageless feel” it gives to your rooms!

Always use cleaning products that are recommended by your flooring retailer. This would remove the dust and residues from the wood floors without damaging the wood finish.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please call us at your convenience.

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